EM/IM PGY 1-5 Classes

Shilpi Ganguly, MD

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2028

Hometown:  Overland Park, KS

Undergrad: Washington University

Medical School: University of Miami

Interests/Hobbies: I really enjoy going to music shows of all types, especially EDM. I enjoy hiking and climbing, playing tennis, spending time with my puppy Nova, eating at all the best restaurants, watching TV, sleeping, and cooking/baking. I am a huge fan of alternative organized activities, examples for reference include taking sushi making classes, learning how to arrange a flower bouquet, apple picking, drawing, etc. Big fan of doing stuff!!

Why HCMC? It is the people, the alumni, and the city that drew me to HCMC. I have a very unique non-traditional career path ahead of me, and it’s going to need a lot of non-traditional support, and I know the people of HCMC will rally behind me to help prepare me to become the best doctor and one day, space doctor! Also as a Midwesterner that has been in a Miami world for the past 4 years, Minneapolis feels much more like home!

Matthew Pinkelton, DO

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2028

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Undergrad: Knox University

Medical School:Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University

Interests/Hobbies: I love to workout, woodwork, hike, and socialize with my friends and family as much as possible!

Why HCMC? This program was my most memorable interview. I remember thinking about an amazing program with an academic background providing care to county hospital patients. This was made even better by the strength of the program and presence of critical care in a resident run hospital. I was sold!

Mackenzie Herzig, DO

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2027

Hometown:  Hermantown, MN

Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests/Hobbies:  I enjoy being active and spending time outdoors. I’ve been hunting with my dad since I was 12 and always make a trip back north for deer hunting. Other than that, I enjoy spending time watching HGTV shows with my husband and dog and playing board games.

Why HCMC?  As a premed I was involved in the research associate program in the ED at HCMC. I loved my time spent here and it is what introduced me to combined EM/IM Residencies. I was able to do an audition at HCMC during my 4th year. During my month here, everyone was so welcoming and well trained demonstrating how well-rounded of a program it is. We also have friends and family in the Twin Cities making it an ideal location!

Emily Syverud, MD

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2027

Hometown:  Saint Paul, MN

Undergrad: Gustavus Adolphus College                

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Interests/Hobbies:  Spending time outside! In the summer I love to hike and camp in the state parks, in the winter I love to downhill ski. If I’m inside you can find me snuggled up with my two cats reading a book.

Why HCMC? I spent my third year of medical school at HCMC as part of the HeLIX program and quickly fell in love with this community. HCMC has everything that I was looking for in a residency program – a mission-driven institution that cares for a diverse group of patients, an excellent training environment, and amazing people to work with!

Ali Raffman, MD

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2026

Hometown: Reston, Virginia

Undergrad: The College of William and Mary

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Interests/Hobbies: In my free time I generally enjoy cooking/baking, running, hiking, yoga, kickboxing, watching hockey (go Caps!), and hanging out with friends and family. In non-COVID times I love to travel, especially to places where I’ve got the opportunity to try something new!

Why HCMC? On my interview day, I was extremely impressed by the Hennepin EM/IM program and felt that it had pretty much everything that I was looking for in a residency program. I appreciated the program’s commitment to serving a diverse, underserved community, as well as the emphasis on resident autonomy balanced with strong resident support. I am particularly interested in critical care, and was excited by the program’s strong critical care curriculum and research opportunities that suited my particular interests. Overall, I felt that the program offered exceptional training and opportunities that would help best prepare me for whatever I might see in my future career!

Kristin Rouse, MD

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2026

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Interests/Hobbies: When I am not busy with medicine or kids’ activities, I enjoy spending time in northern Minnesota at my family’s cabin, traveling, attempting to be artistic, or going to the theater. Musicals are my favorite!

Why HCMC? Having worked at HCMC prior to medical school, I experienced first hand the amazing collaboration among the staff to care for the phenomenal, diverse patient population. I have always pictured advancing my medical training among these colleagues and patients.

Gretta Kreider-Carlson

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2025

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Undergrad: Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

Medical School: University of Denver

Interests/Hobbies: I like climbing, mountain biking, trail running, skiing, sitting around fires with friends… all the outdoor things. When I’m not outside, I love reading, knitting, cooking, exploring new restaurants, and silversmithing jewelry

Why HCMC? When I rotated at HCMC, I was super impressed by the depth of knowledge of the residents, as well as the level of autonomy and responsibility they were trusted with. HCMC serves a diverse patient population, which was a non-negotiable for me, and is as high-volume and high-acuity as I could ask for. What really made the final decision for me was the pit boss role: I was looking for a culture of mentorship among the residents, and I know that this role will prepare me for anything as an attending!

Amelia Krug

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2025

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin – Madison

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Interests/Hobbies: Getting outside in any capacity (hiking, backpacking, biking, running), cooking, botanizing, music, spending time with family & friends

Why HCMC? HCMC has amazing faculty, residents, and staff that all share the common goal of improving health care for the underserved. It’s an outstanding education in my favorite city caring for the community in which I grew up.

Michelle Nguyen

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2024

Hometown: Westminster, CA

Undergrad: University of California, San Diego

Medical School: UC Davis School of Medicine

Interests/Hobbies: weight lifting, bouldering, backpacking, globetrotting, quality time with family & friends

Why HCMC? As someone who’s only lived in California, I wanted to venture out of the West Coast and experience medicine in a new environment. I was looking for a program with cultural and socioeconomic diversity coupled with a strong learning environment. HCMC checked those boxes and more. It’s clear that there is a supportive environment and camaraderie among the residents.

Zach Davidson

EM/IM Resident – Class of 2024

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Undergrad: The Ohio State University, Biology, Public Health Minor

Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Interests/Hobbies: Learning guitar, running, listening to new podcasts, and bragging about the Midwest to my East Coast friends.

Why HCMC? I was impressed with the warmth of the faculty, residents, and staff on my interview day and their genuine investment in the community and their commitment to medical education. I had a terrific ‘gut feeling’ about Hennepin and it was great knowing I’d be joining my sister who works at Land o’ Lakes as a food scientist, i.e. ‘Butter Engineer’.

Liz McHale

EM/IM/CC Resident – Class of 2025

Hometown:  Hibbing, MN

Undergrad: University of St. Thomas

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School

Interests/Hobbies:  Spending time with family and friends, listening to musicals, eating good food, being outdoors in all seasons, podcasts, and cross country skiing.

Why HCMC? After rotating here as a med student, it was obvious to me that HCMC is a stellar place! The faculty genuinely enjoy teaching, and the residents are all awesome. HCMC provides truly excellent training in an exciting, challenging and fulfilling environment, and that was exactly what I was looking for in a residency program!

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