Welcome to the Hennepin County Medical Center Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship.

The HCMC Emergency Medicine Residency Program was established in 1972. We started using point-of-care emergency ultrasound in 1985, and authored some of the first publications describing how emergency physicians can use point-of-care ultrasound to improve patient care (Plummer, et al). Now, more than 30 years later, our department has a robust emergency ultrasound program with full departmental and institutional support. We perform nearly every type of ultrasound exam imaginable. In 2014 we added 28 new ultrasound machines to our ED (see program resources).

We have six faculty who are ultrasound experts. Rob Reardon has numerous ultrasound publications and is an editor of the third edition of Ma & Mateer’s Emergency Ultrasound textbook (2014). Dave Plummer was one of the first authors and teachers of emergency ultrasound in the United States, and still works full-time in our department. Andy Laudenbach completed an ultrasound fellowship at NY Methodist Hospital and was hired as a full-time faculty in the summer of 2012. Andie Rowland-Fisher completed residency and ultrasound fellowship at HCMC, and has been faculty since 2015.

Our goal is to train fellows who want to pursue an academic career and become leaders in emergency medicine, to continue the legacy that our department started more than 30 years ago.

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Year Fellowship Started:


Ultrasound Program Status

Our Ultrasound Program is long-standing and very well supported (we got our 1st machine in 1985!!) Ultrasound is fully integrated into our clinical practice and all of our faculty use it for clinical decision-making. All of our faculty bill for their ultrasound services. We have 30 ultrasound machines (20 mounted units and 10 cart-based systems), all with full wireless connectivity. We have a full-time RDMS ultrasound technologist to assist the physicians with resident and medical student education.

Number of Ultrasound Faculty:

All of our faculty (30) are proficient at emergency ultrasound, use it as part of their daily practice, and bill for their ultrasound exams.

Notable Faculty

  • Rob Reardon, MD
  • Dave Plummer, MD
  • Andy Laudenbach, MD
  • Andie Rowland-Fisher, MD
  • Andrea Dreyfus, MD

Ultrasound Fellowship Education Hennepin is an ideal environment for physicians seeking a future academic career. You will learn to be an outstanding clinician and teacher as well as an excellent sonographer. You will have a faculty appointment and be treated as such. You will have access to 30 outstanding mentors and have the freedom to work on dozens of academic projects.


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The Department of Emergency Medicine is comprised of the physicians, physician-assistants and staff dedicated to the delivery of emergency medical services for HCMC. Emergency Medicine Faculty physicians provide emergency medical care, teach students of many types, and conduct research leading to innovation of emergency care.

Our Residency Program in Emergency Medicine, its residents, and its graduates are a source of great pride for our Department. It began in 1972 with two residents, years before recognition of the discipline of Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty. Today we match twelve residents per year in our three-year program.

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