While the majority of clinical rotations occur at our home site, Hennepin County Medical Center, residents travel to different community and university-based hospitals to experience healthcare systems that care for specific healthcare populations.

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)

HCMC is where residents spend the majority of their clinical time. The Emergency Department is located on the main HCMC campus, which spans five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis, next to the new US Bank Stadium (home of the Vikings) and Downtown East Commons park. This level 1 trauma center has more than 100,000 ED visits per year and handles cases at all levels of severity, including day-to-day emergencies and disaster response. HCMC also provides the entire spectrum of care for injured patients, from pre-hospital care and transport through rehabilitation. The Emergency Department is divided into three team centers. Team Center A has 15 beds with the highest acuity patients. Team Center B has 12 beds for moderate acuity patients, as well as eye and dental rooms. Finally, Team Center C has 12 beds for lower acuity and pediatric patients. For more information, visit the main HCMC Website.

North Memorial Medical Center

Our residents rotate through the Emergency Department at North Memorial Medical Center for one month during their second year of training. This is one of our community sites, but also serves as a Level 1 Trauma Center for the northwest side of the metro area. During this rotation, residents are exposed to a different patient population and a private, community system of operations, giving residents the opportunity to experience the community practice of Emergency Medicine. Residents function independently, reporting directly to staff physicians, and attend all critical care and trauma cases.

Children’s Minnesota Hospital – Minneapolis

Children’s Minnesota provides a clinical site for our resident to participate in the care of pediatric patients. This patient population includes common pediatric illnesses and injuries as well as a community-based practice that provides subspecialty pediatric care.

University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital

While our residents get an ample amount of experience with pediatric patients at our main clinical site, the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, offers our residents the opportunity to interact with a more specialized pediatric patient population, as well as gain experience working with specialists in pediatric oncology, transplantation, genetics, nephrology, neurology, and surgery.

About Us

The Department of Emergency Medicine is comprised of the physicians, physician-assistants and staff dedicated to the delivery of emergency medical services for HCMC. Emergency Medicine Faculty physicians provide emergency medical care, teach students of many types, and conduct research leading to innovation of emergency care.

Our Residency Program in Emergency Medicine, its residents, and its graduates are a source of great pride for our Department. It began in 1972 with two residents, years before recognition of the discipline of Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty. Today we match twelve residents per year in our three-year program.

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