Sum Ambur, MD

Clinical Faculty
Critical Care, Ultrasound

Annie Arens, MD

Clinical Faculty

Michelle Biros, MD

Chief of Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota
Medical Ethics, Research, Neurocritical Care

Doug Brunette, MD

Clinical Faculty

Jon Cole, MD

Medical Director, Minnesota Poison Control

Brian Driver, MD

Director of Clinical Research
Clinical Research, Airway Research

Steve Dunlop, MD MPH CTropMed

Clinical Faculty
Global Health

Anst Gelin, MD

Clinical Faculty
Global Health, Ultrasound, Wilderness Medicine

Rich Gray, MD

Clinical Faculty

Danielle Hart, MD MACM

Program Director, EM Residency Program
Medical Education, Simulation, Wellness

Stephen Hendriksen, MD

Clinical Faculty
Hyperbaric Medicine

John Hick, MD

Clinical Faculty
Disaster Medicine, EMS

Jeff Ho, MD

Vice Chair of Operations

Scott Joing, MD

Clinical Faculty
Ultrasound, Technology

Gregg Jones, MD

Clinical Faculty

Andy Laudenbach, MD

Clinical Faculty
Ultrasound, Technology, EHR

John Litell, DO

Clinical Faculty
Critical Care

Chris Logue, MD

Medical Director, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
Hyperbaric Medicine

Marc Martel, MD

Clinical Faculty
Agitation/Sedation Research, Psychiatric Emergencies

Tom Masters, MD

Clinical Faculty
Hyperbaric Medicine, Limb Salvage Program

Jim Miner, MD

Chief of Emergency Medicine, Hennepin Healthcare
Pain and Sedation Research

Johanna Moore, MD

Director of Laboratory Research
Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation

Paul Nystrom, MD

Clinical Faculty
EMS, Wellness

Travis Olives, MD MPH MEd

Program Director, EM/IM Residency Program
Toxicology, Medical Education, Healthcare Disparities

Glenn Paetow, MD MACM

Associate Program Director, EM Residency Program
Medical Education, Simulation, Cultural Competency

Dave Plummer, MD

Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine

Matt Prekker, MD MPH

Medical Director, ECMO Program
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, ECMO

Mike Puskarich, MD MS

Research Director
Sepsis Research

Rob Reardon, MD

Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine

Megan Rischall, MD

Clinical Faculty

Andie Rowland-Fisher, MD

Clinical Faculty

Nick Sausen, MD

Clinical Faculty

Laura Schrag MD

Medical Director of the Emergency Department

Nate Scott, MD

Quality Director – Acute Care Services
Patient Safety & Quality Improvement

Nick Simpson, MD

Medical Director, Emergency Medical Services

Steve Smith, MD

Clinical Faculty
ECGs and Emergency Cardiology Research

Ashley Strobel, MD

Clinical Faculty

Al Tsai, MD

Clinical Faculty

Haylee Veazey, MD

Medical Director, Adult Gender and Sexual Health Clinic
Adult Gender and Sexual Health

Emily Wagner, MD

Clinical Faculty

Tom Wyatt, MD

Senior Medical Director of Emergency Services
Operations, Cultural Competence

Rochelle Zarzar, MD MACM

Associate EM Program Director

About Us

The Department of Emergency Medicine is comprised of the physicians, physician-assistants and staff dedicated to the delivery of emergency medical services for HCMC. Emergency Medicine Faculty physicians provide emergency medical care, teach students of many types, and conduct research leading to innovation of emergency care.

Our Residency Program in Emergency Medicine, its residents, and its graduates are a source of great pride for our Department. It began in 1972 with two residents, years before recognition of the discipline of Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty. Today we match twelve residents per year in our three-year program.

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