Class of 2026 – PGY1s

Emily Dawra, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown:  Modesto, CA

Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Medical School: University of Miami

Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, biking, walking in parks. Taking my boy on new adventures, especially to meet new people. Recently, I’ve been challenging my friends to Settlers of Catan marathons, which typically brings out the most viciously competitive side of me.

Why HCMC? I scribed for a year before medical school in a trauma center wherein many of the physicians had trained at HCMC. Those doctors impressed me to no end, and they set the standard of who I wanted to be as an emergency physician. Meeting the current faculty and residents at HCMC only affirmed how possible it was to become like the physicians I had known. Beyond the stellar training I knew I would receive, it was one of the places where I felt comfortable, welcomed, and just excited.

Mackenzie Dutton, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: St. Michael, MN

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin – Madison

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Interests/Hobbies: I love to hang out with my friends, husband, and dogs lounging on the couch, cooking, and baking. When I’m not catching R&R I love to be outside doing anything active, especially if it involves a body of water!

Why HCMC? I fell in love with the people and the shared mission of HCMC while completing my core rotations there during medical school. Then I rotated through the emergency department and knew it was where I wanted to be. The patients are the best and I knew I wanted an environment that would push me and build my confidence to take on the challenges of an EM physician.

Jack Goldstein, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

Undergrad: St. Olaf College

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy being outside and staying active. I like intramural leagues especially sand volleyball, basketball, and flag football. I also enjoy golfing and spending time with family and friends.

Why HCMC? I have had several different roles at HCMC including clinical researcher, scribe, and rotating medical student – through each of these, I noticed how well-prepared and competent the residents were. With the ability to train at a large county Level 1 trauma center that has both a diverse patient population and a diverse set of pathology, I knew I would receive excellent training while serving the greater Twin Cities area. The autonomy that Hennepin offers its residents stood out to me as well, especially the pit boss role. Hennepin simply felt like the right fit for me.

Ben Hodapp, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Duluth, MN / Louisburgh, Ireland

Undergrad: St. John’s University

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Interests/Hobbies: Anything outside with my pup, Ozzy (running, hiking, canoeing, camping, skiing, and climbing). Spending as much time with my family as I can. I also enjoy writing and producing music when time allows.

Why HCMC? For me, it all came down to the people, place, and training. The people at HCMC are incredible—kind, welcoming, and stellar educators (from the ancillary staff to the attendings). HCMC’s location allows us to care for a diverse, underserved population. Finally, the training at HCMC is some of the best in the nation, which will help me become a better version of myself for my future patients and community.

Marija Jozic, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: West Linn, OR

Undergrad: Oregon State University

Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy spending time outdoors whether sitting in the sun, hiking, climbing, or camping, especially with my loved ones. Arts & crafts have always been a big part of my life as well, most recently knitting/crocheting but I also enjoy drawing and painting. My favorite part of crafting is giving the finished objects to the people I love, usually paired with a handmade card.

Why HCMC? I wanted to serve an underserved community alongside colleagues & faculty from various backgrounds who shared the same patient-oriented values and would push me to improve my (clinical and non-clinical) skills everyday. I was blown away by the Hennepin faculty & residents on interview day; by their passion for teaching and vested interest in pushing the newest generation of EM physicians to the next level. After visiting Minneapolis on the second look weekend, my choice was clear – and I’m so happy & grateful that I am where I am today

Tom Langlois, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergrad: Georgetown University

Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

Interests/Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running, lifting weights, hiking, and reading thriller novels.

Why HCMC? From my earliest experiences with Hennepin residents, I have been consistently impressed by their confidence, competence, and professionalism. The faculty is comprised of great educators, researchers, and experts in nearly every aspect of EM. The patients represent some of the most acute and vulnerable in the state from whom it will be a privilege to learn.

Morgan Lockhart, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Undergrad: Carroll University

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Interests/Hobbies:  Being from the Midwest, I love to bake and cook for family and friends…A LOT. Outside of work you will find me drinking coffee by the gallon while listening to records among my 75 houseplants. I also love to find treasures thrifting and upcycle them. Recently, I have started ceramics and pottery, stained glass, crocheting, and Indigenous bead work!

Why HCMC? Physicians talk about choosing a residency based on an intangible fit and HCMC could not have fit any better, it was a place I could call home. Additionally, as the only Native American student at my medical institution, I chose HCMC because there are Native American physicians and leaders along with a strong Indigenous presence in the city making it a place to cultivate community. The caliber of the program was second to none and I knew I would receive the best training from renown physicians all while serving a community that I reflected. Last, but certainly not least, HCMC has an unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that is evident from a top-down

Nicole Lund, MD MPH

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Larkspur, CA

Undergrad: University of Vermont

Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University

Interests/Hobbies: Currently my free time is filled with being a new mom, which is amazing and exhausting. I also love to cook, I make a mean rhubarb crisp! I try to get outside for walks, hikes, and camping when I can. I am addicted to CorePower sculpt yoga… if you know you know.

Why HCMC? I was drawn to Hennepin because of its reputation as one of the best county EM training programs. What sealed the deal for me was how included in the team I was on day one of my away rotation, that the learning is very hands-on, there is a culture of providing the best care to the community, and the patients are extremely diverse as are the pathologies that bring them in.

Jasmin Millon, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Undergrad: Northwestern University

Medical School: American University of the Carribean

Interests/Hobbies: I like doing DIY projects, traveling, watching all my shows including All American and Homecoming, plants, being outside, hiking, camping, and trying new things like my latest adventure, climbing.

Why HCMC? I wanted to care for a diverse and underserved patient population, train to become an excellent physician, and have the space to engage with the community. Hennepin hit all of those and more! I was sold from the beginning of my rotation as a student. The sense of community and support I felt from everyone in the ED is unmatched and I knew this was a place that would challenge me to grow and become the best version of myself. Hennepin’s commitment to social EM and truly caring for each patient is evident throughout the program and it is a dream and a privilege to get to be part of it all.

Jackson Moran, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Edgerton, WI

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin – Madison

Medical School: University of Chicago

Interests/Hobbies: In my free time, I like riding bikes or trying to fix them, attempting to do triathlons, hiking, playing pickup basketball, watching stand-up comedy and cooking.

Why HCMC? HCMC offers the opportunity to work alongside faculty and co-residents who are fully committed to providing exceptional care for a diverse and underserved patient population. I also appreciated the focus HCMC places on resident autonomy, and the unique department management experience afforded to third year residents through the Pit Boss role. Finally, I could tell that there was a true sense of camaraderie amongst the residents and I knew I would be joining an incredible community at HCMC!

Lauren Pitzer, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: Silverthorne, CO

Undergrad: Colgate University

Medical School: University of Colorado

Interests/Hobbies: I love to hike and ski in the backcountry with my fiancé and dog. Other hobbies include biking, cooking, singing, and dancing.

Why HCMC? I completed an away rotation at HCMC and loved the passion that the attendings and residents had for helping everyone in their community. In my mind, HCMC is the perfect place to learn the medicine and the compassion that it takes to be a great EM doctor.

Willis Schuerger, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident

Hometown: River Falls, WI

Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Interests/Hobbies: I’m a big reader, traveler, and an alarmingly devoted dog parent. My favorite place to unwind is in the gym, especially when I can mix in some kickboxing. My current project is to get better at cooking, because I probably need more than yogurt and granola for these next three years.

Why HCMC? How could I not want to train here?! HCMC has everything I want in an EM program: a strong commitment to under-served patients, a high-volume high-acuity department, a focus on resident autonomy, and of course some of the best ultrasound training in the country. Plus, every time I’ve been on rotation with an EM resident here they’ve been exceptionally kind and terrifyingly competent, I couldn’t ask for better people to train with.

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Our Residency Program in Emergency Medicine, its residents, and its graduates are a source of great pride for our Department. It began in 1972 with two residents, years before recognition of the discipline of Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty. Today we match twelve residents per year in our three-year program.

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