Medical Student Rotation

Application Process

Access the Emergency Medicine Rotation Application (PDF)

Access the HCMC Emergency Medicine page on VSAS.

Thank you for your interest in the Emergency Medicine Student Rotation Program at Hennepin County Medical Center. The core emergency medicine rotation is open to all third- and fourth-year medical students who have completed a rotation in both Internal Medicine and Surgery. After you have sent in your application, we will send you an email affirming that we have received the information we need. Please allow a 2-4 week review period for applications. Due to processing time, applications must be submitted more than 45 days prior to a desired rotation start date. The HCMC Emergency Medicine Student Rotation has transitioned to using the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) for its rotation applications.

Application Criteria

After entering in your information, please save the application as a PDF file. Information will be lost if you do not save your document. Applications may be submitted by email, post or fax. Students with an incomplete application form will not be admitted for a rotation. Your school will need to provide proof of enrollment and malpractice insurance coverage.

We accept applications from both osteopathic students as well as foreign medical students with some restrictions. Osteopathic and foreign medical students must demonstrate a USMLE Step 1 score above 225 and class rank in the top 10%. Documentation of this should be sent with your application. Foreign medical students are accepted for rotations from December through May of each year.


During this rotation, students are supervised by third year Emergency Medicine residents and attending physicians who fill out daily evaluation cards. These cards are used to compile information on the student’s abilities in interpersonal relations, data acquisition and data synthesis (problem solving). Students are given feedback at the end of each shift. The student’s final grade is based on the shift evaluation cards and the on-line exam. Grades assigned range from Honors, Excellent, and Satisfactory, to Unsatisfactory. 80% of the final grade is based on the card system and 20% on the results of the final examination. A Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) is provided to all students that request one. Information from the daily shift evaluations are used as a part of the SLOE.

Schedules and Didactics

The HCMC Emergency Medicine Student Rotation takes up to 14 third and fourth year medical students each month. Five positions are reserved for students from the University of Minnesota Medical School. The rotation consists of approximately 14-16 clinical shifts, weekly Tuesday morning student lectures and or workshops, and 4 hours of conferences/didactics with residents and faculty every Thursday. University of Minnesota students will also receive a half day simulation experience. Please keep in mind that the emergency department is open 24 hours a day. Students will be scheduled for shifts during days, evenings, nights, and weekends. In the event that you need to request time off during your rotation, please keep it limited and notify the student coordinator as soon as possible to assist with scheduling.