The piece by Dr. Kaczmarczyk (3rd year EM resident) is below:

When you wake up and the wind chill is -20°F outside, only a truly remarkable place can make you want to get up out of bed and enthusiastically head into work. For me, that place is Hennepin County Medical Center. Over the past three years, I have been living my dream day in and day out, training as an emergency medicine physician in one of the best places imaginable. The challenge of working in an insanely busy county ED caring for some of the sickest patients in Minnesota reaffirms my decision to be an emergency physician in the first place.

In order to do this everyday without burning out takes the support of a family, and I cannot imagine a more supportive family than my Hennepin family. I have brilliant and supremely cool co-residents, caring and innovative faculty, and the best group of nurses, techs, medics, and ancillary staff around (It’s not uncommon to see a mixture of ALL of these people at a post-night shift breakfast or other group activities). I don’t know what I would do without these people.

In a time when physician wellness and preventing burnout has become an important facet of our field, Hennepin has taught me that you do not have to sacrifice the rigor of your training in order to be happy in your career. On the contrary, we thrive on some of the most stressful aspects of our job. Whether it’s tackling a seemingly impossible airway, resuscitating a crashing trauma patient, or acting as a safety net to our area’s most disenfranchised patients (often all at once), at Hennepin, we happily say “bring it on”. With a rock-solid support system, a relentless enthusiasm for learning, and a desire to always provide the absolute best care possible to every single patient that walks through the door, we have learned that working with a purpose and loving what you do is the best way to combat burnout. This is why we love Hennepin, and we are proud to train at the “County”!